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It can be difficult to keep up with advances in retail technology but CSG is firmly established as innovators in the Symbol Group sector and we’re transforming modern retail with state-of-the-art technology.

From shopper friendly in-store tech to our cutting edge Activ Systems, we offer market-leading technology to make your working day easier and deliver the best experience to your shoppers.

Costcutter Brentwood

Leading Shopper Technology

We’re constantly improving our technology to keep shoppers happy with a quick and easy experience.

We offer shoppers quick and easier ways to pay using contactless and Apple Pay, allowing you to reduce the amount of cash handling and decrease bank charges.

Instore WiFi helps gather data to support sales and marketing activity, delivering insight into when shoppers visit your store, what they buy and how long they spend browsing.

Self-serve checkouts are ideal for high footfall stores and small basket transactions, helping shoppers make quick and easy transactions. Our self-serve checkouts use a space-saving design, making them a great option for stores of all sizes.

Activhub Retailer Portal

Retailer Technology

Our three systems: ActivHUB, ActivOC and ActivHUB Mobile have been developed closely with the help of our retailers to make your life easier.

ActivHUB offers everything you need to run your store, from invoicing and promotions, to news and planograms.

ActivOC is our easy to-use product ordering system. You can browse the entire product and promotions catalogue, building and submitting orders in your own time.

ActivHUB Mobile allows you to access orders from your mobile. You can walk the shop floor, scan and add products to your order. It allows you to review and submit orders while on the go, wherever you are.

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