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Available exclusively to CSG retailers, our Shopper First programme provides in-depth shopper insights and data to help tailor every aspect of your store – from range and missions to marketing and merchandising.

Since its launch in 2017, Shopper First has delivered impressive sales and profit growth of over 20% among participating stores by helping our retailers truly understand the needs of their local community.

What Is Shopper First: Drive Five To Thrive?

Watch our video on what the Shopper First programme is and how it can help you the independent retailer thrive.

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Shopper First: Drive Five To Thrive

Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive is our business growth programme, designed to support retailers in 5 unique ways by delivering in-depth shopper insights, brand advice, space guidance, range advice and store execution tips.

We can research and deliver information on the spending habits and needs of your wider community, which in turn can help you grow your business by making the best of your store space, maximise your product range and marketing opportunities.

Crucially, the Shopper First programme helps identify the types of customer who don’t currently shop in your store - and provides a solution to attract them in.

How Shopper First Works

Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive provides support to retailers in 5 unique ways:

  1. Shopper insights: Using data from CACI, him! and Nielsen, retailers can identify the needs of their local community
  2. Brand engagement: Advice on how to create the right brand engagement with local shoppers, based on the type of people within the store’s trading zone
  3. Space guidance: Including planograms, guidance on store development and shopper missions, all designed to maximise profit in store
  4. Range advice: ‘Always on’ category and range advice for your store, which is regularly updated
  5. Store execution: Advice on store execution through point of sale, technology and staff training

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Attract New Shoppers with Shopper First

Attract New Shoppers

With our Shopper First insights Costcutter will help you find the right range to attract new shoppers

Grow Your Profits & Sales

Grow Sales & Profits

With our Industry leading insights and shopper data and a rebate of 6% we can help you maximise your return.

Transform Your Range

Transform Your Range

Transform Your Range With over 2000 Co op own brand lines in our stores the range Costcutter offers is always growing.