The Co-op Own Brand effect

Hear from our retailers as they explain how stocking Co-op Own Brand has boosted their sales.

As a trusted brand, known for the quality of its products and with 2,000 available SKUs, shoppers have become new lifelong shoppers thanks to Co-op Own Brand being available in Costcutter stores.

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What our retailers say about Co op own brand

How Co-op Own Brand increases footfall, basket spend and sales

A key part of our offer is Co-op Own Brand. In this video, retailers Nick Bradley, Anil Patel and Larry Drumm discuss the value Co-op Own Brand brings to their stores.

Driving sales with own brand

The ability to offer Co-op Own Brand products has been a fantastic sales driver for Costcutter stores as retailers Vijay Jaganathan, Hardeep Chahal and Peter Juty explain in this video.

Growing your business with own brand

In this video, our retailers discuss how Co-op Own Brand grows their businesses by driving footfall, building awareness and delivering great margin.

Retailers on Co op own brand

Costcutter Wallasey

You’ve got to stock what will sell,” says Hardeep ‘Hardy’ Chahal, store owner of the Costcutter in Wallasey, Wirral. With a store in a high area of unemployment and cash conscious shoppers, getting his range right is crucial. “That’s why I was really happy Costcutter started supplying Co-op products. It’s really developed my business as the value is good and the brand is known and trusted.”

Costcutters Thatcham and Tilehurst

For Harmeet and Guljeet Bajaj, two brothers with their own Costcutter stores near Reading, Co-op Own Brand products have been key to their success. “We’ve been growing over the past three years and had a refurb of the Tilehurst store in 2018,” says Harmeet. “That attracted a lot of new people, but it was when the Costcutter and Co-op deal happened and we could have the Co-op products in stock that really helped us.”

Costcutter Ashford

While many companies found the lockdown challenging, for a lot of Costcutter retailers it’s been an opportunity to win over new shoppers. They’ve attracted new shoppers who, by avoiding the larger supermarkets, have discovered the benefits of shopping in smaller stores, that can still cater for a daily shop, especially when they discover the attraction of the Co-op Own Brand range. That’s what has happened at the Gladstone Road Costcutter in Ashford, Kent who saw his sales quadruple to £35k.

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