Turn your lifeline shoppers into lifelong shoppers

Having played a vital role supporting local communities through this crisis, independent retailers need to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Retailers need to convert their new lifeline shoppers into lifelong shoppers and adapt their offer for the looming recession and changing shopper behaviour.

On this page, we will show you how we can support your store if you join Costcutter. You will find FREE resources that you can apply in your store today which will help you understand the difference Costcutter will make to your business. This includes continued access to our FREE, unbranded social distancing signage and community services guides.

Prepare for the challenges that lie ahead

We explain how we can help make lifeline shoppers

Challenging times lie ahead for your store and your shoppers. You need to start thinking about how you are going to adapt your offer today.

In this video, some of our senior exec team outline the main changes you need to consider. If you have any questions, why not get in touch and we can talk to you about how we can help you change your store:

  • Fantastic support with the best BDM to store ratio in the sector
  • Unique Shopper First insights to tailor your store to attract new shoppers
  • Amazing range, including Co-op Own Brand products
  • Unmatched commercial terms including rebate of up to 6%
  • Join Costcutter today and receive £1,000 of free Co-op Own Brand products



The Coronavirus pandemic and looming recession means shopper behaviour is changing fast. Keeping pace with this change is vital for all independent retailers. We asked 1,000 Costcutter shoppers what matters to them most at this time.
Download the survey to find out what they told us and what this means for your business.

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Costcutter Meopham

Before Peter Juti joined Costcutter in 2019 he had his best ever year. Since joining our group he added an additional +15% to his sales! Here’s Peter’s story.

Costcutter Doncaster

Kopi Kalanathan recently opened a new build store in Doncaster. Working closely with our team we helped him hit his targets in his first week and since then things have continued to grow. Here’s Kopi’s story.

Costcutter Windsor

We worked in close partnership with Charul Patel as she opened her new Costcutter store and since then her sales have grown between 10% and 15% every quarter. Here’s Charul’s story.

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See what our retailers and shoppers think about the positive impact of the Co-op range in your local Costcutter.

Free community support services guides to your store

Free Home Delivery Guide

Download this guide on running a home delivery service for your community

Free Call & Collect Guide

Download this guide on running a call & collect service for your community

FREE NHS Worker Thank you

Download this guide on offering free gifts for NHS workers

Free social distancing guide & unbranded signage

Download this comprehensive guide on social distancing inside and outside your store as well as unbranded social distancing posters to use.

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Independant retailers still look thrive through pandemic

Costcutter Southfields, Letchworth

Costcutter Southfields, Letchworth

Letchworth “They’ve only been running the store for a month but the new owners of Southfields Costcutter in Letchworth are already a big hit with local shoppers. Store owner, Fatih ‘Face’ Kilic, has seen sales increase to £48,000 a week, compared with £33,000 before and he’s confident that will only increase, thanks to the increased range and choice.”

Costcutter Saxmunden, Suffolk

Costcutter Saxmunden, Suffolk

“Costcutter is always happy to welcome a new store to the family but the lockdown has made it hard for some retailers to make the full switchover. For the newly joined Saxmunden Costcutter in Suffolk, the lockdown came just before it was due to have a refurbishment. Despite that being delayed, Danny Pont’s forecourt store has increased sales by 25% since he joined, all because of the popularity of the Costcutter range and Co-op Own Brand products.”

Costcutter Crankhall Lane, West Midlands

Costcutter Crankhall Lane, West Midlands

“It’s safe to safe that Shahih ‘Danny’ Ahmed, store owner of Crankhall Lane, West Midlands, is very happy about joining the Costcutter family. Since refurbishing in March, the Birmingham store has seen daily footfall triple to 1,000 customers, basket spend increase from £3.29 to £14 and weekly sales go from £5,000 to £30,000.”

How Costcutter retailers are supporting their communities with home delivery, call & collect, and NHS worker thank yous

Costcutter Bampton

“Before the lockdown, I used to do about half a dozen home deliveries on a Friday afternoon for older shoppers who were unable to get out and about,” says David Steele of the Bampton Costcutter in Devon. “Now we’re doing between 100 and 120 a week!” As well as a busy home delivery service, David also offers Call & Collect.

Costcutter Stithians Cornwall

Jason Burley opened his store just four years ago and recently recorded his busiest week ever, with footfall averaging being 250 a day during the week and 350 at the weekend, and an average basket spend of a very healthy £18. Having grown up in the village, Jason always has the interests of the community front of mind and expanded his home deliveries to vulnerable shoppers to c. 25 a week.

Costcutter Kirkheaton

Whether it’s sponsoring local sports teams or raising money for local charities, Steve and Sonia Singh are all about looking after their shoppers and helping the local community. When the COVID-19 crisis began they were quick to support local NHS workers, leading a collection from amongst the local community that led to a donation of 20 crates filled with toiletries to various wards and units.

How Costcutter retailers are keeping their shoppers and staff safe with best practice social distancing and hygiene measures

Costcutter Crawley Down

From the moment a shopper arrives at the Crawley Down Costcutter and Shell garage, they follow a safety regime that goes above and beyond the Public Health England guidance to minimise the risks a shopper might encounter. As well as happy shoppers, daily sales tripled to £12,000, largely from new customers

Costcutters Llansantfraid and Four Crosses

As the coronavirus crisis began to take hold, Jamie Ashton took rapid steps to protect both shoppers and staff at his two forecourt stores in Powys, mid-Wales. By putting the safety of shoppers and staff first, and with the ability for customers to complete full shop, he has seen many new faces become regular users of his stores.

Costcutter Dunnington

For the Costcutter in Dunnington, North Yorkshire, the lockdown came at a strange time: just as they started a full store refurbishment. However, their pop-up store kept the community served at a difficult time, and the new store is now meeting the needs of all shoppers. It’s been an opportunity to showcase the refurbished shop and to make a good impression with great customer service.

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