Top marks for Costcutter university store team as latest self-checkouts installed in record time for new term

Four of the latest self-checkout systems have been installed at Costcutter’s Brunel University store, in record time for the beginning of term and the arrival of students.

Arnaud Leudjou, University Retail Manager, Brunel University said: “We were working against the clock to get the self-checkouts installed with minimum disruption to our very busy store and to be up and running for the new term, which is always one of our busiest times. The Costcutter IT team were brilliant, helping Toshiba, the installation specialists, and my team complete the whole job in under 24 hours. It really was first class service, and all parties pulled out all the stops to manage this project and got us open for business and the new student intake in record time.”

Dave Morris, Director of IT, Costcutter Supermarkets Group said: “The new self-checkouts will greatly improve the flow of customers at key busy times and recover previously lost sales where customers were unwilling to wait. The new systems are improving shoppers’ experience and boosting sales across our network of retailers.

“Our IT team has been focussed on investing in IT innovation, developing checkout solutions which cater for a range of retailer requirements and ensuring that retailers receive expert support and advice through installation to operation. It’s been a pleasure working alongside Brunel University who continue to position themselves at the leading edge of in-store technology in partnership with Costcutter.”

Located in the large suburban town of Uxbridge on the western edge of London, Costcutter Brunel University caters for over 14,500 students. Trading for more than ten years, it has increased its sales year-on-year by £100,000.