Costcutter Supermarkets Group invests in next phase of Shopper First


March 28th, 2019: Building on the success of its unique Shopper First Programme, Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) has unveiled the next phase of Shopper First at its Expo in Harrogate.

Shopper First is available exclusively for CSG retailers, providing them with in-depth shopper insights and data to help tailor every aspect of the store – from range and missions to marketing and in-store execution. By using Shopper First, CSG retailers are able to grow their business by attracting new shoppers into their store – research shows that the average independent retailer only attracts 10% of the potential shoppers within their catchment area.

Having delivered sales and profit growth among participating stores since its launch in 2017, CSG has now made significant additional investment into the programme to expand and broaden the shopper insights.
Now focusing on 5 core pillars of activity, Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive, provides retailers with the following benefits: 
1. Broader and deeper shopper insights using an expanded range of data providers – CACI, him! And Nielsen. This includes information on local competitors, the right value offering for their trading zone and opportunities for a highly transient catchment area.
2. Advice on how to create the right brand engagement with local shoppers based on the type of shoppers within their trading zone. Supporting activity will include centralised brand and marketing campaigns, localised print, digital, and social media marketing support and tools that enable our retailers to position and drive the sale of Co-op Own brand.
3. Detailed space guidance to maximise profit within the store, including planograms, guidance on how to develop the store and how to focus on the right missions for local shoppers.
4. ‘Always on’ category and range advice for the store which will be updated through the year.
5. Advice on store execution through point of sale, technology and staff training

Over the coming weeks, all CSG retailers will receive their new, updated shopper dashboards containing the specific information about shoppers in their trading zone. These dashboards will be easy to action and supplemented by ongoing advice throughout the year that relates directly to their specific shoppers – this ‘always on’ approach to Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive will transform its ability to help retailers grow their sales and profit.

Later this year, a change programme will be introduced that will provide the opportunity for CSG retailers to undertake a store transformation project based around the shopper insights.

Costcutter Supermarkets Group Marketing Director, Sean Russell, said: “Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive is at the heart of our mission to help independent retailers thrive. In today’s competitive trading environment, that’s about understanding the market and responding to shoppers’ shifting expectations. We have already proved that Shopper First empowers our retailers to drive growth for their stores but we felt there was more we could do so that all of our retailers are maximising their opportunities for generating incremental sales and profit. That’s why we have made a considerable additional investment in the programme so that our retailers can accelerate their business growth.”