CSG new stores programme thriving through crisis

15 June 2020

Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) has continued to attract high calibre independent retailers and open new stores throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Recording increased footfall and impressive sales increases, even when planned store refurbishments have had to be delayed, new Costcutter retailers have shared their success stories and plans for further store openings within a new dedicated section of the symbol group’s corporate website:www.costcuttersupermarketsgroup.com/fresh-start to encourage more retailers to join the Group.

Jamie Davison, Business Development Director for Costcutter, said: “Our recruitment drive is thriving through the current crisis, as progressive retailers seek to take advantage of our outstanding offer and unrivalled support.

“Our retailers’ own stories about increasing their sales and profitability as well as details about the unrivalled BDM support we provide, are triggering a strong pipeline of inquiries and recruitment.

“The site also outlines the comprehensive safety and community support guidance we’ve been providing for retailers throughout the COVID-19 crisis and highlights our unique Shopper First insights programme to drive retailer sales. We also detail the sector-leading marketing and business support we deliver and the benefits of our modern, contemporary store branding to attract and retain shoppers.

“The strength and breadth of our support is helping our store owners turn new lifeline shoppers – who have turned to them during the current crisis – into lifelong shoppers and it’s proving to be a compelling offer for ambitious and forward-thinking retailers.”

CSG’s website features new retailer stories including Birmingham store owner Shahih Ahmed, who switched his Crankhall Lane forecourt store to Costcutter in March. He has seen daily footfall triple to 1,000 and weekly sales grow from £5,000 to £30,000 and now plans to convert his other two stores to Costcutter later this year. He comments: “The range and offer are perfect for our store. The change has been phenomenal. It was definitely worth the investment.”

For Danny Pont, store owner of Costcutter Saxmunden in Suffolk, lockdown came just before his forecourt store was due to be refurbished, but the Costcutter team still helped him to achieve a 25% sales increase. He said: “We weren’t able to get the Costcutter shop planners and merchandising guys here before the lockdown started, but Costcutter helped us to focus on expanding the range of products, especially fresh foods and I can safely say that’s what has driven our revenue increase.”

Costcutter Southfields store owner Fatih Kilic, whose new store opened last month, has already seen a 45% increase in weekly sales. He comments: “Shoppers have responded really well to the increased product lines. They’re very happy to see the increase in choice, especially the Co-op Own Brand products and it’s helping us attract more shoppers.”

Jamie Davison added: “Convenience stores are playing a vital role in their local communities through the COVID-19 crisis and we’ve been doing everything we can to support our retailers. We’re now focused on helping them to turn new lifeline shoppers into lifelong shoppers for their stores and are delighted to welcome new retailers to join us in that success.”