Costcutter Supermarkets Group helps retailers master the art of craft

Costcutter Supermarkets Group has announced a new national deal with a leading supplier of premium craft ales as part of a major drive to help retailers optimise sales in the flourishing beer and cider market.

CSG has partnered with online beer distributor EeBria Trade to bring over 80 craft breweries to their retailers, enabling them to buy hundreds of products online, all collected and delivered directly from local breweries to store.

At the same time, the Group has launched a comprehensive guide, combining national market research with its own Shopper First customer profiles, to give each of its retailers store-specific data on the best products to drive footfall and increase sales.

“Craft beer is now worth over £150 million as a category and Nielsen research predicts it will reach £255 million in the next two years,” said Rachael Grist, Category Manager at CSG.

“With average price per litre at £4.46 - almost double that of the beer market as a whole - it is a major opportunity for our retailers to increase premium sales. Our new guide is tailored to each of our individual store owner locations, showing which brands will attract the most shopper interest and basket spend. Support for local breweries is a major and still growing trend, so along with the new partnership with EeBria Trade to give easy access to local craft breweries, our guide lists the must-stock brands from local suppliers. It also highlights the most popular national beer and cider brands which continue to drive sales, again tailored to each region.”

CSG’s retailer guide gives vital information on market trends, merchandising and store planning in order to help them maximise their sales. Focusing on the right range for their store, clear and eye-catching layouts and clarity of price and promotions, it also highlights the most important sales-driving occasions, including Bank Holidays and football tournaments.