The "Shopper First" Programme

Following the most in-depth study of shoppers in our history, we launched our new Shopper First programme, bringing together brand and store design, shopper insights and sales driving range initiatives. Creating this first rate shopper experience ultimately drives footfall to your store and increases basket spend and loyalty.

Shopper Personas

Developed from analysing CACI data from across the country we have defined 5 Shopper Personas. These unique shopper insights help you to understand your catchment area and develop the right offer for your location. When you join our group you will be provided with a unique shopper persona dashboard, bespoke to your store. Accessed via our online retailer portal, ActivHUB, the dashboard outlines who is living nearby and what they want from their local store.

You can then access local range advice as well as modular store development and services, allowing you to broaden your appeal to drive fresh footfall and increase sales with your existing customer base.

Shopper First

Shopper Missions

As part of our Shopper First programme we’ve identified key shopper missions for each of our brands and reflected them in our new store layouts, such as: Top up, For tonight, Specific journey or treat, Food to Go

Shopper First

Transforming brands

To launch Shopper First we transformed our Costcutter brand, the all-new brand and store design has been created to connect with shoppers, stand out from the crowd and transform the in-store experience. The new store design marks a step change in convenience retailing, with a selection of stunning exterior and interior finishes that appeal to today’s shoppers. It offers a fully flexible and modular approach, allowing you to fulfil key shopper missions whilst investing at your own pace.

We are currently refreshing our Mace brand which will be launched soon.

Shopper First

Store Design

When you become a CSG retailer you get the benefit of a comprehensive and modular space planning, store design and space optimisation service. Our team of experts will help you create an exciting and contemporary retail environment; with their experience they can help you with contractor selection, project management and cost engineering. We also help with arranging finance so you can invest at your own pace. Our Store Development team will help you bring Shopper First to life, creating an exciting and contemporary retail environment.

  • Team of 2D and 3D retail environment experts
  • Help with contractor selection, project management and cost-engineering
  • Get advice on macro and micro merchandising for your stores
  • Our retail environments are inviting, easy to navigate and encourage shopper dwell time
  • Help with arranging finance via Henry Howard Finance

Shopper First


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