How to drive sales with Facebook

How to Drive Sales with Facebook


With a new competitor recently opening nearby, Mace retailer Alan Kasch was keen to see how Facebook could help him increase sales in his store. With the help of our team of digital specialists, he is using his Facebook page to directly impact his in store sales.

What’s Changed?

With the Rugby World Cup taking place in England, Alan took the opportunity to use the event to increase sales in his store. Having already built his Facebook page up to 400 likes by providing updates on bespoke offers, food-to-go services, charitable initiatives, Lottery updates and the post office services he offers, Alan used the build up to England’s opening game to promote a beer offer, playing to people’s desire to have a beer while they watched the match.

The promotion proved so popular that sales in the hours leading up to the game rose so sharply that extra staff had to be brought into the store to help replenish stocks. Alan has also run successful competitions on his Facebook page. A giveaway for The Shy Pig wine reached nearly 17,000 local consumers – with over 400 directly engaging with the competition. The result was the wine selling out in store.


Through a combination of promoting key deals, running competitions and providing store and community updates Alan has 400 people liking his page in just a few months.

Alan said:

“The results from our Facebook activity have been excellent. It has allowed us to engage with our customers in a way that they are used to and promote key deals. We’re careful not to overly promote as we want our page to be interactive and not just advertising, however the promotions we have done have worked very well and putting the world cup beer deal on Facebook led to significantly higher sales than we otherwise have had.”

How to Make the Most of Facebook to Expand Your Customer Base


The store manager of large (6,500sq ft) stores in Ellon and Mintlaw, wanted to engage with existing and potential customers to promote key in-store deals, showcase his store and its services and integrate the store further within the local community. He recognised the benefits that having a Facebook offered to his store and Costcutter’s digital team worked with him to create a Facebook Business page to promote his store.

What’s changed?

By setting up a Facebook page, the store manager engages with his customers and potential customers. He has successfully used Facebook’s paid for advertising opportunities to boost his posts beyond his own network. Using this he can target activity at a defined number of people, in specified locations. He can also target people by gender and age group allowing him to tailor his activity to specific customer groups. This activity has proved to be a cost-effective alternative to local newspaper advertising, not least because Facebook provides detailed data on how many people each post has reached. The store manager is also running competitions on his Facebook page to interact with his customers. A competition to win a bottle Aberlour malt whisky, which was also on offer in store for £19.99, reached over 8,000 people. The promotion of this deal via the competition drove people into his store and he sold 20 cases of Aberlour in less than three days.


The store manager has been impressed by how Facebook users have engaged with the store and how his customer base has grown with 1,000 page likes.

He said:

“Facebook is a very good way to engage with your local community and my Ellon store page is coming up on 1,000 Facebook likes so I’m pleased with that. Most of those people should now get my posts. Just by posting the great deals we have instore or competitions we’re reaching a large customer base. The Aberlour competition shows that for the price of one free bottle as a prize I was able to bring more customers in store and sell out 20 cases in a very short time.”