The Co op own brand

In May 2018 the Co-op completed its acquisition of Nisa Retail Limited creating a shared organisation with the scale, focus and ambition to compete and win within the convenience market.

Co-op is delighted that Nisa partners are able to select from the Co-op Own Brand product range which combines quality, taste and innovation with strong ethical sourcing standards. They'll also have access to well-known household brands as part of the offer, all delivered through a commercial wholesale operation allows Partners to keep doing everything that makes them special.

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At first Jane and Trevor Moore were quite sceptical about taking on the Co-op Own Brand range as we have a Co-op quite close to their Long Buckbee store. However, since beginning to stock the Co-op lines in December 2018, it has proved a huge success. Since then they have seen their Co-op Own Brand range out sell their previous ‘own-brand’ range by 99%.

“We now stock 800 Co-op own brand products and find our customers requesting more because they recognise and trust the brand.”

By striking the right balance between promotions, Co-op range, marketing techniques and good old customer service, Jane and Trevor give their shoppers what they want and in return, they keep coming back.


Mehmet runs three busy Costcutter stores in London, with the shopper profile ranging hugely from students and young professionals to large families and pensioners.

He said: “I now stock Co-op Own Brand products in all three of my London stores after trialling in two of my shops and seeing a massive success. We’re now reordering everything as the product has flown off the shelves.

“The brand gives me the breadth of range I need to cater for such a wide demographic which wasn’t available to me before. Unlike many out of town stores, my audience is so varied I have to focus on all areas – food to go, chilled, impulse buys etc. However, I can now offer competitive range and prices in all of these areas.

“By maintaining the RSP set by Costcutter I am building trust with my shoppers that this brand is the same great quality at the right price while making excellent margin for my business – it’s a win-win situation.”